Welcome Dr. Farah

We’re excited to welcome Dr. Farah to our office. Her enthusiasm to provide a positive, safe, and fun dental experience fits well with our goal of providing the best patient care. We were looking for a dentist with one very important quality above all else—a passion for their patients and we found it in Dr. Farah.
Dr. Farah has continued the Buckeye tradition at Wooster Dental with an undergraduate degree and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from The Ohio State University. Recently completing a General Practice Residency in her hometown of Canton at Canton Mercy Medical Center, she and her husband, Dr. Zachary Sherman, are settling into Wooster and are looking forward to growing their roots here together. She is enthusiastic about furthering her dental education and experience, and plans to attend the Pankey Institute this year.
Please join us in welcoming Dr. Farah!

Dr. Relle serves in Honduras with CAMO

A humanitarian gem in our community is the Central American Medical Outreach, also known as CAMO.

This organization serves 140,000 patients in Honduras, the number 1 murder capital in the world. CAMO was founded by Cathy Tschiegg of Orrville who 23 years ago started collecting unused items from local hospitals for the care of poor Hondurans.

Our Dr. Relle is an active participant in CAMO, traveling to Honduras annually to provide dental care to those in need.

“It is a wonderful experience,” says Dr. Relle. “To see the smiling faces of those that we serve is a very heart-warming experience. I look forward to this trip every year.”

For more information about CAMO go to www.camo.org.

‘Twas a Beautiful Wedding!

Our own Dr. Zach Sherman married Dr. Dina Farah on May 12, 2018 in a beautiful ceremony. The wedding was held at The Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Columbus with a reception at the Hilton Columbus at Easton. Friends and relatives celebrated with the couple before they left on their honeymoon to St. Lucia.

Dr Sherman Wedding DayDr. Farah just graduated from The Ohio State University College of Dentistry as a general dentist. She will be gaining new experience and skills at Canton Mercy’s Dental Residency program. Join us in congratulating the happy couple!

Brushing your tongue…part of good dental hygiene.

Yes. It is common knowledge for most parents and kids to brush their teeth for two minutes, two times each day, but many parents and caregivers might not know the importance of brushing their little one’s tongue.

The majority of the bacteria in your mouth are on your tongue and while a tongue won’t get cavities like teeth, it holds bacteria like a sponge, which will eventually spread to teeth. While water and mouth wash can help dislodge particles and make their mouth feel minty fresh, they won’t do the trick. Pesky bacteria can stick together and lodge in the crevices and grooves of the tongue, so it has to be brushed off.

These bacteria can also cause odors as well, particularly when the mouth is dry, such as after sleeping or when breathing through the mouth. Brushing the tongue, including the back, can help reduce these odor-causing bacteria to prevent bad breath. Be sure to supervise brushing until little ones are 7 or 8 years of age to make sure your child is doing a thorough job!

Most common dental issues for seniors

It’s probably no surprise that as we live longer and longer, quality of life becomes ever more important. Whether enjoying a gourmet meal (or favorite treat), smiling for your grandchildren’s wedding photos, sipping a nice Pinot or laughing your way through that same funny story for the 100th time, sound teeth and gums are an important part of happy, healthful senior living.

Chewing, smiling, speaking or laughing…they’re all dependent upon good teeth.

The most common dental issues seniors bring to Wooster Dental are:

  • Chipped, Loose or Missing Teeth
  • Darkened Teeth
  • Dry Mouth
  • Reduced Sense of Taste
  • Gum Disease
  • Ill-fitting Dentures

In most of these cases, modern dentistry can improve your quality of life. Come see us at Wooster Dental, and let us prove it.