Delta Dental FAQ’s

Wooster Dental FAQ Regarding Delta Dental Insurance Change

We understand that you will receive a notice of benefits change from the Delta Dental Insurance network stating Wooster Dental is no longer part of the network.

We have prepared this FAQ in response to this letter to provide you will all the details and address any statements made by Delta Dental we feel are misleading or incomplete.

Why Did Wooster Dental Make This Insurance Change?

Being a participating provider for Delta Dental Insurance is becoming harder for Wooster Dental to provide you with the dental care you deserve. We have always maintained a high standard of care for our patients, and have been unwilling to compromise or cut corners just because of insurance company’s shortcomings.

Delta’s reduced rates in the name of patient savings. We’re saddened to believe that Delta’s profitability has appeared to take priority over patient savings. We refuse to sacrifice the quality of patient’s dental health over insurance coverage.

What does it mean for your payments and coverage:

We file to all PPO Insurance Plans – including Humana and Delta Dental PPO on your behalf. If you have dental insurance we will file your claim and insurance reimbursement will come directly to you. Our recent experience has been that payments usually arrive within one to two weeks of the claim being filed.  We file claims within 7 business days of service

Will costs be higher:

While initial out-of-pocket expenses will be higher. Delta doesn’t know it to be true across the board and we will ALWAYS communicate in the cost of treatment prior to service, and what you can expect to be reimbursed by your out of network PPO, which we will file on your behalf.

Do I need to pay for services out of pocket?

If you have dental insurance we ask that you pay all fees at the time of service, which is the only major change. We provide multiple payment options including accepting major credit cards (MC, VISA, AMEX, Discover), CareCredit, and online bill pay. CareCredit may be accepted for those who do not receive a discount for participating insurance plans. Please call our office if you have any questions on using Care Credit prior to your visit.

Do you need to choose a new dentist?

No, you don’t need to find a new dental home. We love our patients and will do everything we can to help you find a payment solution if you’re experiencing financial difficultly. The only change is that Delta Dental will pay directly to you; they will not send payments to our office.

Policies and Procedures that protect you:

Delta Dental dentists meet professionally required credentialing standards. We find Delta’s standards don’t equally meet our higher standards of care. We feel they are using the guise of trying to guard against unnecessary dental services and costs to prevent us from providing you with the best dental care possible.

In our 39 years of service, we have a reputation for being fair in our pricing, superior in our service and treatments, and for not recommending any unnecessary treatments.



Note a derivative of these responses came from a legal letter.